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Welcome to Capital COMPASS

Welcome to Raleigh’s FIRST SITE dedicated to informing fellow tenants, business owners and residents about the North Carolina Capital City’s unique Real Estate, City Growth, Construction and Development Plans and how they will impact YOU.

From a born ‘n bred Raleigh Native, young millennial professional and licensed real estate advisor Capital COMPASS was created to be the leading all-inclusive resource for Triangle area businesses on navigating the Capital City real estate scene.

I hope you enjoy this site. I am passionate about Raleigh and commercial development. I will provide the best advice and up to date news on:

Triangle's growth and expansion plans

CONCERNS of Raleigh residents and business owners

ANSWERS to real estate questions for Raleigh businesses

And just general guidance for strolling down main street

(and it’s NOT Fayetteville street – more explanation later)

I will post often. I will be accurate with my information. I will cover the CAPITAL ideas, as well as the smaller stuff. And I will always be open to your questions, no matter how unusual (that’s what an advisor is for!)



Thomas Kenna


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