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Downtown Raleigh Apartment Guide

In light of the continued apartment growth we are seeing throughout the Triangle (Crabtree, Glenwood South, Durham, Chapel Hill) and even the nation, I've decided to take a look specifically at Central Raleigh's apartment development.

Downtown Raleigh is quickly becoming the "hot spot" for urban development and real estate in the Capital City, and it’s not a new notion that the influx of more workers downtown results in new housing for downtown.

But instead of researching and reporting on the dozens of projects going on in DTR, I would recommend we follow someone who has already been tracking these projects. What better place to do so than at downtown Raleigh’s resident blog,

Posted by Leo Suarez, a downtown Raleigh resident, The Raleigh Connoisseur has put together a great 10 part series on all the past/present/future apartment projects that are coming to fruition this year in DTR.

To read the series, follow the link at, and while you’re there, subscribe to Leo’s blog for all things residential, cultural and development wise in downtown Raleigh!

- Capital Compass

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