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The Future of Downtown Development Plans: Part 1!!

Take a visit to the Capital and you will confirm, Downtown Raleigh is booming!

This past January, the City formed a private-public partnership to layout their plan for a 10 year course of Raleigh's future growth and development. Partners such as Highwoods Properties, Clancy & Theys, Spectrum Properties, the Downtown Raleigh Alliance and the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce all participated in the newly released plan called the "Downtown Raleigh Experience Plan" which became available this October!

The full presentation can be seen online, but I've highlighted the important "before and after" pictures of downtown that really show the impact of what development will look like 10 years from now in Raleigh!

See below for Part 1: The Green Spaces Coming Downtown


and The Hot Zones of Future Development

Development Zones.png

- Capital Compass

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