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Part 5: Future Warehouse District Redevelopment!

In Downtown Raleigh, Warehouse District development started off slow but gradually picked up pace in the past few years. In the south section, the addition of the Raleigh Convention Center brought business clout and prestige to the district. Across the road, the new Red Hat Amphitheater filled an entertainment/music venue desperately needed downtown while the renovated and redesigned Contemporary Art Museum in the west sector filled out the creative vibe for the district.

The question remains though, what plans for continued development exist? For answers, the City has proposed 2 Options, see the 1st below!

Option 1 begins with the expansion of high rise hotels and office towers around the Convention Center. Educational office buildings will be constructed behind the Duke Performing Arts Center, as well as mixed use towers of office and groundfloor retail across Salisbury St. The big development is called the "Urban Innovation Campus" located at the forefront of the southern gateway into downtown. Here the campus will feature 5 buildings with interior quads and entertainment venues!

See below for Warehouse District Now:

warehouse now.png

and Warehouse Future 1:

warehouse 1.png

- Capital Compass

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