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Part 5: Future Warehouse District Redevelopment continued...

In Downtown Raleigh, Warehouse District development started off slow but gradually picked up pace in the past few years. The question remains though, what plans for continued development exist? For answers, the City has proposed 2 Options, see the 2nd below!

Option 2 is quite frankly my favorite plan. The highrise hotel, office and educational development around and across the street from the Duke Performing Arts Center remain as seen in Option 1. The difference though is that Option 2 calls for something downtown Raleigh has never had before and may never be able to accomodate again without this development.

That "difference" is a sporting/cultural center located in the south gateway to downtown! A potential home for a professional sports team, the future center would be a GREAT addition not only to the downtown economy, but also the Raleigh skyline and city image! Check it out below and start getting exicted!!

See below for Warehouse Future Option 2:

warehouse 2.png

- Capital Compass

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